How a silly Tweet lead to a new place for the panda

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Adrian Cockle – Digital Innovation Manager, WWF International


Once in a while, the stars align and you get to do something that’s the perfect intersection of all of your personal Venn diagram circles.

These are mine:


Due to luck and good circumstances, a silly conversation I had with Jonathan Vaughters on Twitter back in July led to those circles colliding and making something special happen:


© Team Garmin-Sharp

WWF’s logo will be on the back of one of the World’s top professional cycling teams’ jerseys throughout the 2014 racing season.

It’s been an interesting experience working directly on a corporate partnership – something far outside of my usual day job, but I’m so pleased to have been able to help make it happen, after a lot of hoops to jump through, colleagues to get up to speed, trans-atlantic conference calls and figuring out what to do with the partnership to drive awareness and conservation value, rather than just being a cute logo on their jersey.

It’s also given me new perspective on how my own link in the chain works – by being the content owner as well as the person responsible for the digital comms planning, I’ve experienced how my colleagues feel parental to their projects, and getting them out into the big wide world is a birth of sorts, long-awaited with some of the same emotions as a new child: expectation, trepidation and relief that it’s all gone well (so far), with a healthy hint of The Fear that something bad is going to come along and hurt them.

It’s still early days, so right now it’s a fairly simple announcement, but we’ve got some fun plans to get people involved throughout the year – fundraising, events and (obviously!) lots of virtual participation.

In the meantime, where did I leave that panda suit? I might have some running to do…

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