Have you biked to work lately? Our staff have!

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Have you biked to work lately? Our staff have!

Every June, many WWF staff at our offices in Gland, Switzerland participate in an annual “Bike to work” challenge. This popular participative campaign involves riding your bike to work, and puts as many as 50,000 people on their saddles throughout Switzerland. It’s a great opportunity for our employees to start riding their bikes during the summer and get fit! We asked one of our employees, Christelle Siohan – Emergency Campaign Assistant, to share her adventure biking from Collex-Bossy to Gland (40K round trip!).


 Christelle Siohan – Emergency Campaign Assistant

“Since I don’t have easy access to public transportation to get to work, the guilt of driving a car to the office had built up inside me so much that I didn’t hesitate before jumping onto WWF International’s Bike to Work Month. Little did I know what a challenge it would be!

My father’s a two-time Guinness World Record winning cyclist, which has always intimated me – reason for which I stuck to running instead. But here I am today, part of a great WWF bike team, cycling 44 km per work day, round trip – the most I’ve ever biked in my life! And I must say, the pain in my glutes is absolutely worthwhile as I get about 2 hours of Vitamin D a day along the Lake Leman through vineyards and fields with a magnificent view of the Alps and the Jura on either side of me. It’s been such an invigorating experience so far, and it’s wonderful to be part of an organization that promotes clean transportation and health. I’m excited to calculate how much I’ve lowered my carbon footprint by the end of the month, and I’m already picturing how I will keep this up come winter time!”

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