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Tackling the big conservation questions with Dr Josh Tewksbury

Tackling the big conservation questions with Dr Josh Tewksbury Dr Josh Tewksbury is Director of the WWF Luc Hoffmann Institute. The Luc Hoffmann Institute was created by WWF, one of the world’s largest and most experienced global conservation organizations, to respond to the most important questions facing conservation and sustainable development. How would you describe […]

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The rhetoric is right, now we need action

It’s been a big month for the ocean and people who depend on it. We have new FAO guidelines that aim to protect the rights of small-scale fishers and ensure their contributions are included in management plans. This is an important step in safeguarding the livelihoods and food security of coastal communities. Actor and conservation […]

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Why blue growth is a worthy investment

This week, I am one of some 500 delegates at the Global Ocean Action Summit for Food Security and Blue Growth. That’s a mouthful. But among all those words, one stands out: action. We are policymakers, investors and marine scientists; collectively, we have the power, resources and knowledge to restore ocean health. Now we must […]

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Florence, the story of an eco-preneur

Meet Florence. She says she is around 70 years old, though she isn’t sure herself.  Only a few teeth can be seen through her beaming smile and she says that means she must be old.  I reckon she is much younger. Florence lives in the East African Rift Valley in the Highlands above Lake Naivasha, […]

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Three ways businesses can protect the planet

Jim Leape, Director General, WWF International There can be no real prospect of achieving sustainability without the active participation of the private sector. In their own interests as much as the planet’s, businesses need to get much more serious about being sustainable. This space has already changed a lot over the last several years, out […]

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Vision for a living planet

Jim Leape, Director General, WWF International   WWF’s vision for a living planet takes me and my colleagues into the board rooms of companies, into talks with governments, and into the field, to work with partners in building a future where people live in harmony with nature. From tackling climate change to halting deforestation, overfishing […]

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