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When water efficiency increases water risk: the need for context-based water targets

¬© / WWF-Canada Shared water challenges in agriculture Few places on Earth illustrate shared water challenges and water risk like California‚Äôs Central Valley. The fertile valley, endowed with extensive groundwater supplies, also harnesses the snowpack and rivers of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and combines with extensive sunshine to create one of the most important […]

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About elephants… and history lessons

It¬†was 1986 when I boarded a flight to Tanzania and Botswana to write an article about the elephant crisis for the Italian equivalent of National Geographic. Yes, we have been here before. In the 80s we lived through the first dramatic post-colonial wave of elephant poaching. The demand back then was driven by different countries, […]

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

When surveying people‚Äôs favourite sea creatures, sharks are nearly always at the top of the list. Many more sophisticated ocean animal lovers may also champion the wonders of the massive manta ray. Very few, however, are likely to include the manta‚Äôs smaller and more elusive cousins, devil rays, among their top marine treasures. As someone […]

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