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Career advice from Dr Colman O’Criodain – Wildlife Trade Specialist at WWF

This article originally appeared on Dr Colman O’Criodain is the wildlife trade specialist at WWF. He trained as a botanist and spent much of his university days look at fens in Ireland. After a bout with the Irish civil service and the European Commission, he now represents WWF at CITES (Convention on the International […]

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How to write a winning curriculum vitae

Rebecca Williams – Talent Acquisition Manager at WWF International When it comes to finding a new job, there are many factors to consider but one of the most difficult hurdles to tackle is writing your CV (or Résumé as they call it in the US). If you’ve not changed jobs for a few years, […]

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WWF-Australia is ‘walking the talk’ on sustainable office spaces

This article originally appeared on The CitySwitch Green Office program is making workspaces more environmentally friendly, including the WWF offices in Ultimo   GREEN office spaces are growing fast and they not only look good, but have a positive impact on workers. WWF in Ultimo has signed up to a City of Sydney led […]

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The Tiger that changed an entire village in India

A story inspired by the work of WWF-Sundarbans Programme and dedicated to the team and WWF-India (Names of people and animals have been changed and certain creative liberty has been undertaken to incorporate the collective experiences of different members of the team) *******************************************        Sudipto was awoken in the middle of the night by the […]

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Florence, the story of an eco-preneur

Meet Florence. She says she is around 70 years old, though she isn’t sure herself.  Only a few teeth can be seen through her beaming smile and she says that means she must be old.  I reckon she is much younger. Florence lives in the East African Rift Valley in the Highlands above Lake Naivasha, […]

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More than a press release – Working as a communicator in WWF-Madagascar

Martina Lippuner – Media Officer, WWF-Switzerland (formerly Communications Manager at WWF-Madagascar) When I first had the chance to go to rural Madagascar on a volunteer assignment for WWF, a whole new world opened up to me. Experiencing the realities of local people who depend heavily on natural resources, holding a dialogue about the unique biodiversity […]

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From Pobitora to Manas

Anil Cherukupalli – Communications Manager, WWF- India An eye witness account of a rhino translocation exercise carried out in Assam, India Prologue It is 5 am on a Tuesday morning and thick fog conceals the vast grasslands of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, located about 60 km east of Guwahati. I’m on the back of […]

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Campaign Communications – A five step guide to success from a seasoned campaigner

Oscar Soria – former Director of Media at WWF International We all know that successful campaigning needs bold and hard-hitting communication. But lately, I see the same formula over and over, to the point that it gets boring, if not irritating! “Save [this]”, “Stop [that]”, “No to [something], Yes to [something]”. More and more, I see […]

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How a silly Tweet lead to a new place for the panda

Adrian Cockle – Digital Innovation Manager, WWF International Once in a while, the stars align and you get to do something that’s the perfect intersection of all of your personal Venn diagram circles. These are mine: Due to luck and good circumstances, a silly conversation I had with Jonathan Vaughters on Twitter back in July led […]

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Being a volunteer in the Congo basin: Personal transformation in a changing climate

Tapang Ivo Tanku, Cameroon (WWF) – The first time I suggested dropping my pen as an international journalist and becoming a communications volunteer for the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF), nobody batted an eyelid. In my country Cameroon, it is common for international news correspondents and national journalists to pick-up several beats for their news […]

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